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Insulation Methods

Insulation is achieved by the following ways :- Taping--- Painting / Spraying --- Powder Coating ---- Epoxy Potting ---- Bare Bus Bar ---- Sleeving - "Shrinkin's Sleeves" Taping : in this process ordinary Electrical Insulation Tape is used which is wrapped around the Bus Bar from end to end. Desired insulation is achieved by No. of layers laid over the Conductor. The reliability of this method is very poor. Painting / Spraying : Certain paints are available to attain Electrical Insulation up to a Low Value. Powder Coating : Uniformity achieved is uniform with Insulation Limitation being the main constraint. Epoxy Potting : By this method insulation of high value is achieved in the best possible way but it is Tedious, Costly and Time Consuming. Bare Bus Bar : Air being natural insulator, insulation up to a certain low value is achieved by adjusting the distance between two conductors. However space availability is the constraint. Sleeving : By This, High Insulation Values are Achieved. Uniformity, Consistency & Reliability levels attained are of very High Standards.
  • Insulation Sleeves : These are rubberized polymer sleeves having excellent insulation properties. Availability and very high costs are the major factors restricting their extensive usage
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  • âShrinkin's Sleevesâ : Sleeves with Improved Electrical Insulation Properties. Higher insulation values are achieved by encapsulating the Conductor in âShrinkin's Sleevesâ : Bb 100 Grade. Versatility, Reliability & Operational Simplicity, in addition to Cost Effectiveness are the major favorable factors.
The Manufacturing Process involves Orientation of Molecular Memory of the Sleeve introducing a Built-in Shrinkage which subsequently is released at elevated temperature activating the Molecular Memory of PVC resulting in instantaneous release of the Shrink Strains. The Biaxial Strains released result in Contraction of the Sleeve, Lengthwise and Widthwise. The Shrinkage Force reaches its maximum during cooling and is maintained for a longer period thereafter. âShrinkin's Sleevesâ are available in Creased Type Rrlls with Roll Length ranging from 50 Mtrs to 200 Mtrs. wound over hard card board core, covered in Polyethylene Bag and packed in card board cartons Activation of molecular memory of the âShrinkin's Sleevesâ at elevated temperature demands the sleeves to be âStored in Cool Place Away from Direct Sunlight, High Temperature and Humidityâ with Storage Tempt not exceeding 25oc. the Shelf Life of âShrinkin's Sleevesâ prior to shrinking, is 6 months.