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Self Extinguishing Properties

Self Extinguishing Properties of "shrinkin'sleeves
Sample Description:- Cut Lengths of "shrinkin'sleeves". Apparatus
  • Ignition Chamber:- Corning / Pyrex Glass, Dia. 75 Mm X 450 Length.
  • Ignition Source:- Bunsen Burner, Placed in a Fume Cupboard.
    A) Clamp An Appropriate Size & Length of "shrinkin'sleeves" in a Holder & Fix It Into the Ignition Chamber. b) Light the Ignition Source Under Normal Oxygen Conditions. c) Bring the Test Sample in the Ignition Zone.
    A) After Shrinkage Test Sample Gets Ignited in the Ignition Zone. B) There is No Droppage of Any Melt During Ignition. C) Test Sample Withdrawn Out of Ignition Zone or the Ignition Source Put Off, the Ignition of Test Sample Ceases Immediately. D) The Ignited Material Leaves Granular Ash.
Inference Shrinkin'sleeves are Self Extinguishing with No Droppage of Any Melt During Ignition.